In the following, you can see answers to the most frequently asked questions about the environmental zones in Denmark.

1. Do the entry restrictions in Danish environmental zones also apply to foreign vehicles without a sticker?

Yes. The signs indicating entry into an environmental zone are common and valid traffic signs and also apply to foreigners and their vehicles.

2. How do I know that I’m driving into an environmental zone?

The environmental zone is indicated with a sign according to general road sign rules at all approach roads to the zone.

3. Are any vehicles exempt from the environmental zone?

Vehicles registered as vintage cars and vehicles from the military, police and emergency services are exempt from the environmental zone requirements, provided that they do not usually drive in the environmental zone.

4. Can I apply for dispensation to drive into the environmental zones?

You can apply for dispensation to drive into the environmental zones with the Danish Environmental Protection Agency.


Danish Environmental Protection Agency
Environmental technology
Strandgade 29
DK-1401 Copenhagen K

Fax: +45 3332 2228
E-mail: mst_@If you can read this, please upgrade to a modern

5. Which sanctions are imposed for driving into the environmental zones without an environmental zone sticker?

Under the Danish Environmental Protection Act, the police are charged with checking whether vehicles drive into the environmental zones without an environmental zone sticker. The haulier will be given a fine.

6. What is a transit route?

The brown line on the map of Copenhagen is a transit route for trucks and other heavy traffic to and from the ferries in Nordhavnen in Copenhagen. Transit traffic is led in and out of the environmental zone via a special route to Tuborgvej. This means that trucks do not need to have stickers on their windscreen when they are in international transit.

7. Do I need an environmental zone sticker to drive through Denmark or on motorways?

No. In future, you will still be able to enter Denmark without an environmental zone sticker and drive around freely. However, you cannot drive into the designated environmental zones.

8. As a business, can I order several stickers and pay for them without a credit card?

Yes, you can order several stickers at the same time. Payment can be made in advance by bank transfer.

9. Where do I place the sticker and when does it expire?

Place the new environmental sticker on the bottom left of the inside of the windscreen. Provided that you do not change number plate, the sticker will be valid throughout the vehicle lifetime.

10. What is the delivery time?

It depends on the mail delivery time from Denmark to the place of delivery. Allow up to 7 days for checking, producing and issuing your environmental sticker after we have received your order, copy of documents on the vehicle and your payment. The documents on your car must be legible and include all relevant details.