Duty to use environmental zone stickers in environmental zones in Denmark – also applies to foreigners

Clean air for the urban population. This is the objective of the environmental zones. The trucks and busses that pollute the most must be fitted with filters so that they emit fewer particles to the air.

The Danish Ministry of the Environment has established environmental zones in the local authorities of Copenhagen, Frederiksberg, Aalborg, Aarhus and Odense.

See the geographical areas affected by the environmental zone scheme.

Diesel-powered trucks and busses with a total weight exceeding 3.5 tonnes must have visible environmental zone stickers when they enter environmental zones. This applies to vehicles registered in Denmark and now also for vehicles registered abroad.

The environmental zone sticker is issued on the basis of information about vehicle Euronorm, or whether the vehicle has been post-fitted with a particulate filter.

In environmental zones, diesel-powered trucks and busses with a total weight exceeding 3.5 tonnes must observe particularly strict particulate emission requirements or be fitted with a particulate filter. The filter removes up to 80% of hazardous substances from the exhaust of large vehicles. Particles of all sizes will be captured by the filter, even ultra fine particles suspected of being particularly hazardous to health.

Applus Bilsyn is Denmark’s most accessible MOT test company, and to make things easier for you, you can order your environmental zone sticker online from us as the only company in Denmark.

Online order
Buy the Danish environmental zone sticker by completing the online form. You will need the following documentation:

  • An electronic copy of your vehicle registration document
  • An electronic copy of documentation of post-fitting of particulate filter, where relevant
  • General information about the vehicle


Written application
You can also order the Danish environmental zone sticker by writing to Applus Bilsyn in Taastrup.

All documents must be forwarded to the following address:

Applus Danmark A/S
Hoeje Taastrup Boulevard 23, 2. th.
DK-2630 Taastrup

Allow up to 7 days for checking, producing and issuing your environmental zone sticker after we have received your order, copy of documents on the vehicle and your payment. The documents on your car must by legible and include all relevant details.